Upcycled Bullet Jewelry

Bullet Jewelry made from Upcycled shell casings

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New Design – Bullet Jewelry

I like to make pieces employing upcycled components.   I have seen where other designers have used bullet shell casings to make jewelry; so I decided to give that a try.

Bullet Shell Casings

I began with bullet shell casings that were collected by local hunters.

Each bullet was hand drilled before cleaning.  While watching them soak, I had the idea of creating bubble blowers from casings. Then I figured that may be too controversial for the masses.  :-)

Bullets in a Bath

I let the casings soak in a bath of white vinegar, Dawn dish soap, and warm water.

I then scrubbed the casings with paper towels and Q-Tips.

Bullet Grime

As you can see, the bullet casings were pretty grimy.

From there, I used the bullet casings as focal pendants for several necklaces.

Bullet Jewelry

Photo of the finished bullet casing necklaces.

I like the finished pieces.    I was able to create a variety of statement pendants using various accent components and necklaces.   I am excited to try a few bracelets, as well as a masculine necklace line.

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