Boho Copper Cuff Rings and Green Sea Glass Pendant

Sea Glass Pendant & Boho Copper Cuff Rings

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I meant to give an update on the new sea glass pendant’s progress yesterday.   Unfortunately, Maryland is home of the never ending allergy season and my sinuses have been having fun kicking me in the face!

So, allow me to play catch up.

The sea glass pendant completed the patina process but I was not pleased with the results.     I felt the more interesting aspects of patina were located on the back of the pendant…..which isn’t really helpful to the design.

Sea Glass Pendant Front

The patina just darkened the area around the sea glass. This doesn’t accentuate the glass or make the metal more attractive.

Sea Glass Pendant Back

The back of the pendant is very interesting but the character is hidden as it would face the body.

I decided what was needed is more surface space on the front of the pendant to draw attention to the focal.    So, I began to reverse the patina on this pendant and began making a new setting for another shard.

Sea Glass Pendant Frame

This frame is being designed to allow more copper to the front of the pendant. This will allow more color to the metal and allow the sea glass to remain the focus.

I wanted to introduce a few rings into my new collection so I cut and forged metal for a few designs that would have a bold Boho feel to the flow.

Green Sea Glass Pendant and Boho Cuff Rings before patina.

I finished the sea glass pendant frame and set the glass. Now, it and the rings are ready for patina.

These pieces were allowed to process overnight because I fell asleep!!

This morning, they were removed and prepared for the next phase of controlling the copper/patina ratio.

Boho Cuff Rings and Sea Glass Pendant after oxidization.

You can see the copper has oxidized and created shades of blue with shades of copper peeking through.

Copper Boho Cuff Rings and Sea Glass Pendant in progress.

Here, I am filing selected areas to allow more copper to peek through. This gives the pieces more shine.

Boho Green Sea Glass Pendant

I have allowed more copper to show closer to the sea glass so that the colors don’t compete. Now, this pendant will fit with the collection without overwhelming the natural color and patina of the sea glass.

These pieces were sprayed to seal the finish.   While they dried, I returned to the original sea glass pendant, which has now been de-oxidized to allow the copper to glow and highlight the focal.


Aqua Sea Glass Pendant Front

The contrast with the brightened copper really makes the sea glass stand out for this piece.

Aqua Sea Glass Pendant Back

You can see, the blues and darker shades have been removed but a subtle pattern remains in copper shades. This allows the pendant to maintain depth and interest from all angles without detracting from the main sea glass focal.

And the new handmade jewelry is complete.

Boho Copper Cuff Rings and Green Sea Glass Pendant

Now, the pieces help create a cohesive collection.

Boho Copper Cuff Rings

Similar in style but each unique. This really displays how the patina process is uncontrollable in a really fun way.

Green Sea Glass Pendant

Now, the patina accents the sea glass instead of overwhelming it

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