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Ouvert – in French it means open and in St. Michaels, MD it means a new art gallery intent on challenging artists and visitors to enter with eyes and minds wide open.

Early in December of 2014, Co-Founders Jennifer Wagner-Campbell and Deena Kilmon put out a call to local artists; would anyone be interested in joining a new venture in St. Michaels and can you get your pieces in the door in under a week?  The only qualifier for entrance was you had to be creating something appealing and outside the realm of the more traditional styles normally favored in an area that loves tradition.

It sounds like a joke but they were very serious and they actually made it happen!  In less than 7 days, Ouvert was open for business and completely stocked with a variety of art.

I consider myself lucky to have been part of the Grand Opening of Ouvert and today was my first visit of 2015.  I thought I would share a bit of the gallery with you and give you a glimpse at what is planned for the new year.

Ouvert Displays

Glimpses from the front rooms – the art definitely breaks the mold of local traditions.

Anything goes at Ouvert

Mosaics, Pottery, Gargoyle Bells, and Colorful Paintings

Ryan Jacobson Art

Ouvert has proven the perfect venue for Ryan Jacobson

Pierre Johnson's Hand Carved Walking Sticks

Ryan fell in love with these walking sticks carved by Pierre Johnson.

Victor Abarca could be my personal favorite

Victor Abarca – This colorful pear quartet was created with upcycled calling cards!

Believe it or not, this ensemble is only a few pieces from the first four rooms!!!   I didn’t even touch the second floor!  My last visit was just before Christmas and today felt like I entered a brand new gallery!    The landscape changes so quickly here as pieces sell and new artists are introduced.

Tide Together at Ouvert

Here I am! This is me standing next to my little slice of Ouvert

And then there is my little corner of this paradise.   I will continue providing Tide Together through Ouvert in 2015 and I am beginning a new challenge – CLASSES!!!

That’s right, Ouvert not only offers work to view and purchase, it is also home to working studios, classes, and a venue for events and meetings.

You can find out more about Ouvert, including class schedules, at www.OuvertGallery.com.  Be sure to follow them on Facebook so you can TRY to stay up to the minute on new artists and news  https://www.facebook.com/ouvertgallerystmichaels

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