Etsy Treasuries Winter Browns Sea Glass Necklace

Etsy Treasuries

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Etsy Treasuries are a feature on Etsy that not many shoppers are aware of but most sellers are excited by. The Etsy Treasury is a collection of items curated by a member of Etsy to include items of a similar theme.   This used to be how Etsy chose their front page, which increased excitement for sellers when featured.   Now, it is just a good will gesture from the curator to the shops featured in the treasury.

For shoppers, this is a great tool for finding gifts!    Because each treasury has a theme, searching the treasury section is basically a Gift Guide based on interest.

You could search by color, holiday, hobbies; pretty much anything you can imagine, there is a treasury for it.

Etsy Treasury Winter Browns

My sea glass necklace was featured in this treasury by Rachel from DaisyBelleDesignCo

This morning I received a nice surprise when I was alerted that Rachel from DaisyBelleDesignCo had featured my sea glass necklace in this beautiful collection of Winter Browns.

You can see the full treasury on Etsy here

And visit Rachel’s shop (which has ADORABLE creations!) through this link

Thank you, Rachel!   I truly appreciate the time you took to curate this collection. ~Teri

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