Tide Together on Etsy

Tide Together on Etsy

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The Tide Together Etsy Shop is live!!!  I beat my own deadline and I am so proud of myself.  :-)

I will still be adding new items but the bulk of my pieces are up and ready.    You can access the various shop sections by clicking the title on the right of this page or you can go to https://www.etsy.com/shop/TideTogether

Stacked Copper Cuff Bracelets

A mix of Colorful Copper and Secret Message Cuffs – available at Tide Together on Etsy

A big change for me this year is moving towards Made to Order items on Etsy.    This will allow better inventory tracking between my live locations and online sales.

Boho Rings

A mix of Boho Rings available at Tide Together on Etsy.

I have tried to create a line of pieces that coordinate with each other while remaining unique on their own.   Most of the pieces are incredibly versatile.   They are substantial enough for daily wear but fun enough to mix in for outdoor summer festivals.

I hope you enjoy the new line and would love to hear your feedback in the comments section.   You can always favorite items on Etsy to add to your wish list or favorite the shop to see new items as they become available!    Below you will find a quick pictorial to help you navigate favorite items on Etsy.

The new Etsy Homepage

This is where you see new items from your favorite shops. Etsy will also make suggestions of items you may like based on items you have favorited in the past.

You can also sort your favorites into categories and make them private.  You can create lists of gift ideas for others and things you want for yourself.   When someone asks what you want for your birthday or another holiday – just send them a link to your wish list!


This is where you can find the Favorites button on a listing.

Fave a Shop

This is where you can favorite a shop to see new items as they become available.

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