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A few months ago, Jennifer from Chic Green Momma was kind enough to review Tide Together Jewelry and Gifts in two segments:  Red, White, and Running All Over   and  Sunday, Lazy Sunday Today, I am sharing the love.

Jennifer’s blog is about “a wife & mother trying to go green and stay casually chic.”   Like many busy women, she is wearing many hats and still trying to find ways to share her interests with others.   I think this is a mission we can all relate to!

Organic Beauty

Jennifer reviews beauty products.

Chic Green Mamma Dehydrated Bananas

She shares recipes.

Tide Together on Chic Green Mamma

And she has lots of fashion tips for busy moms.

Jennnifer is great about updating her site with new content.

I highly suggest following CHIC GREEN MOMMA to make sure you catch all of her new tips and adventures!

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