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Tide Together in real world settings.

Tide Together In The World

2015 Classes and Events for February through June

There’s a new section on the Tide Together website – Classes and Events can now be found on the homepage under the Events tab.  2015 Classes and Events have currently been updated from February through June.

You can now Preregister for classes at OUVERT  directly from this site.   This saves you money and guarantees a spot in the class you want to attend!

Special holiday classes include

Friday the 13th

Valentine’s Day

Mother’s Day

Father’s Day

There are several classes designed for younger children and there will be ongoing Wire Wrap classes for Beginner and Intermediate students.

Beginners Wire Wrap Jewelry Class at Ouvert

Beginners Wire Wrap Learn the basic tools and terminology to begin creating wire wrap jewelry. Each student will leave with their own free wire jewelry creation. All tools and materials will be supplied. Ages 13+

Intermediate Wire Wrap Jewelry Class at Ouvert - Upcycled Project Ideas

Intermediate Wire Wrap Jewelry Class at Ouvert – Upcycled Project Ideas

You can also find out about events Tide Together will be attending like TAMMYSTOCK 2015 

Private lessons and parties available; perfect for birthdays, bridal, and baby showers. Contact Ouvert for more information!   Find out more about all classes offered at Ouvert HERE 

Feel free to CONTACT me directly if you have an upcoming event you would like to have Tide Together attend or if you have any questions about current classes and events!



Beginners’ Wire Wrap Class at Ouvert Gallery

Today’s Beginners’ Wire Wrap Class marked the first in my series of handmade jewelry classes for Ouvert Gallery in St. Michaels, MD.

We began with a brief history of wire jewelry and a look at how wire wrap is being used in art and jewelry today.    Students were then provided with an overview of the tools and materials commonly used in wire wrap projects.

Then, the fun began!

Students practicing various wire wrap techniques they learned.

Students practicing various wire wrap techniques they learned.

After a few basic pointers, students were given time to practice various wire wrap techniques before beginning their jewelry project.

Beginners' Wire Wrap Class - Cuff Bracelets

Students working on Wire Wrap Cuff Bracelets

Today’s project was a simple wire wrap cuff bracelet.   Each student planned and created a piece that fit their own, individual styles.

Beginners' Wire Wrap Class - Variety of styles

As you can see, each student had their own unique style.

It was amazing to see how each student created such unique pieces working with the same tools and techniques.


Students from the Beginners’ Wire Wrap Class at Ouvert displaying their cuff bracelet creations.

I hope these smiles mean they had fun and are proud of their hard work and creativity.   I was certainly floating on Cloud 9 at the end of class!

I would like to thank all of the students that shared their time with me today!    It was a wonderful experience for me to share the skills I have learned over the years.

I have more classes scheduled in the month of February and will be adding more for the future. If you would like to see all of the classes offered by OUVERT  <– click this link

You can also receive updates by following Ouvert on Facebook <—by clicking this link

As always, you can reach me directly using the Tide Together CONTACT page.

Beginners Wire Wrap Jewelry Class at Ouvert

Handmade Jewelry Class at Ouvert Gallery

This Saturday, Jan 17th from 10am to 12pm, I will be hosting my first jewelry class at Ouvert Gallery.

Beginners’ Wire Wrap Jewelry Class – JAN 17, 10 AM to 12 PM
$35 Early Registration $40 Drop In Fee

Learn the basic tools and terminology to begin creating wire wrap jewelry. Each student will leave with their own free wire jewelry creation. All tools and materials will be supplied. Ages 13+

**Save 25% by Pre Registering parties of 2+ or by Pre Registering for multiple classes

To register, email Jen Wagner or call 443-521-4084

You can also contact me here.

This will be the first in a series of jewelry classes for Ouvert.   Future wire wrap courses will build on techniques learned during the beginner session.

*All projects will be created with base metals. If you are interested in working with precious metal (sterling silver, gold, etc…) there will be an upcharge based on the current market value. Please, indicate your interest at pre-registration.

Find more information about jewelry and art classes at Ouvert!
**The forecast looks great for those of you suffering from the midweek, snow-induced stir crazies!

Tammys Cool Things

Tammys Cool Things

Tammys Cool Things

2281 Ocean Gtwy
Trappe, Maryland
(410) 476-3300

Making the decision to turn a hobby into a business can be difficult.    Knowing when you have reached a level of experience that ensures you are providing a product that will not disappoint consumers can take a lot of internal struggle, as most people are their own harshest critics.  The internal struggle could take a long time to settle.

Or, you could run into Tammy Saunders of Tammy’s Cool Things and let her make the decision for you.

Tammys Cool THings

This is Tammy – collector of Cool Things

Saying you have had a conversation with Tammy is like saying you have had a chat with a tornado.   Though she is a hippie at heart, she is a force of nature in energy.

I knew Tammy from her store but the first time she saw any of my pieces was at a benefit auction in 2010.    She immediately wanted to know why my jewelry was not in her store.

She took the guesswork out of whether I was ready to sell or not.   I loved Tammy’s shop and if she wanted Tide Together in her inventory; I would deliver.

Here we are headed into 2015 and I am still making deliveries.   Tammy’s Cool Things has been providing Tide Together to the world longer than any other venue.

Tide Together Bracelets for Tammys Cool Things

Tide Together Bracelets for Tammys Cool Things

Long Sea Glass Mixed Metal Necklace

Long Sea Glass Mixed Metal Necklace

Tide Together Earrings for Tammys Cool Things

Tide Together Earrings for Tammys Cool Things

Tide Together Rings for Tammys Cool Things

Tide Together Rings for Tammys Cool Things

Sea Glass and Copper Pendants

New pendants for Tammys Cool Things

It also remains one of my personal shopping vices.

Tammys Cool Hippie Clothes

Tammys Cool Hippie Clothes – heavy on the Tie Dye

Tammys Cool Details for Home

Tammys Cool Details for Home – incense, decor, and coffee – among other items

And now that Tammy’s Cool Things has found a cool home in Trappe, MD with plenty of space – it is also the spot for some of my favorite events.

Tammys Cool Events

Tammys Cool Events – Tammystock and Hippie Holidays – featuring Tie Dye Santa!

New items from Tide Together will be in stock by this weekend.   Stop by and let your inner hippie come out and play!

Ouvert Art Gallery

Eyes Wide Ouvert

Ouvert – in French it means open and in St. Michaels, MD it means a new art gallery intent on challenging artists and visitors to enter with eyes and minds wide open.

Early in December of 2014, Co-Founders Jennifer Wagner-Campbell and Deena Kilmon put out a call to local artists; would anyone be interested in joining a new venture in St. Michaels and can you get your pieces in the door in under a week?  The only qualifier for entrance was you had to be creating something appealing and outside the realm of the more traditional styles normally favored in an area that loves tradition.

It sounds like a joke but they were very serious and they actually made it happen!  In less than 7 days, Ouvert was open for business and completely stocked with a variety of art.

I consider myself lucky to have been part of the Grand Opening of Ouvert and today was my first visit of 2015.  I thought I would share a bit of the gallery with you and give you a glimpse at what is planned for the new year.

Ouvert Displays

Glimpses from the front rooms – the art definitely breaks the mold of local traditions.

Anything goes at Ouvert

Mosaics, Pottery, Gargoyle Bells, and Colorful Paintings

Ryan Jacobson Art

Ouvert has proven the perfect venue for Ryan Jacobson

Pierre Johnson's Hand Carved Walking Sticks

Ryan fell in love with these walking sticks carved by Pierre Johnson.

Victor Abarca could be my personal favorite

Victor Abarca – This colorful pear quartet was created with upcycled calling cards!

Believe it or not, this ensemble is only a few pieces from the first four rooms!!!   I didn’t even touch the second floor!  My last visit was just before Christmas and today felt like I entered a brand new gallery!    The landscape changes so quickly here as pieces sell and new artists are introduced.

Tide Together at Ouvert

Here I am! This is me standing next to my little slice of Ouvert

And then there is my little corner of this paradise.   I will continue providing Tide Together through Ouvert in 2015 and I am beginning a new challenge – CLASSES!!!

That’s right, Ouvert not only offers work to view and purchase, it is also home to working studios, classes, and a venue for events and meetings.

You can find out more about Ouvert, including class schedules, at  Be sure to follow them on Facebook so you can TRY to stay up to the minute on new artists and news