How everything Tide Together

A sample of tools and materials

A sample of tools and materials

Working with Metal

Working with Metal

As a native of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I was raised with a passion and respect for the natural beauty of our area that in many ways sustains our way of life.

We started beach-combing a lot as a family when my son was about two. My boyfriend Ryan is an artist and he suggested I start making things with the items we found.

I began researching jewelry techniques and creating pieces for family and friends. I was quite surprised when a local boutique offered to carry my pieces on commission.

This was the serendipitous beginning to my life as a jewelry designer.

Found beach items really straddle the line between organic and upcycled components to work with. They are at once historic, mysterious, and improved by nature.

After extensive research, I have found a jewelry supplier that carries a line of sustainable metals and other components to employ in my creations. Every effort is made to create the most eco-friendly pieces possible.

As I have learned more about making jewelry, I have branched out to give other materials a second chance in life. Old jewelry and clothing have been revamped into new accessories that I hope you enjoy.

I truly appreciate your interest in Tide Together Jewelry and Gifts. I hope you enjoy what I have created and find something that speaks to your style.

Feel free to share my shop information with others. Word of mouth is the most trusted advertising available! :)

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