Beginners’ Wire Wrap Class at Ouvert Gallery

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Today’s Beginners’ Wire Wrap Class marked the first in my series of handmade jewelry classes for Ouvert Gallery in St. Michaels, MD.

We began with a brief history of wire jewelry and a look at how wire wrap is being used in art and jewelry today.    Students were then provided with an overview of the tools and materials commonly used in wire wrap projects.

Then, the fun began!

Students practicing various wire wrap techniques they learned.

Students practicing various wire wrap techniques they learned.

After a few basic pointers, students were given time to practice various wire wrap techniques before beginning their jewelry project.

Beginners' Wire Wrap Class - Cuff Bracelets

Students working on Wire Wrap Cuff Bracelets

Today’s project was a simple wire wrap cuff bracelet.   Each student planned and created a piece that fit their own, individual styles.

Beginners' Wire Wrap Class - Variety of styles

As you can see, each student had their own unique style.

It was amazing to see how each student created such unique pieces working with the same tools and techniques.


Students from the Beginners’ Wire Wrap Class at Ouvert displaying their cuff bracelet creations.

I hope these smiles mean they had fun and are proud of their hard work and creativity.   I was certainly floating on Cloud 9 at the end of class!

I would like to thank all of the students that shared their time with me today!    It was a wonderful experience for me to share the skills I have learned over the years.

I have more classes scheduled in the month of February and will be adding more for the future. If you would like to see all of the classes offered by OUVERT  <– click this link

You can also receive updates by following Ouvert on Facebook <—by clicking this link

As always, you can reach me directly using the Tide Together CONTACT page.

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